girl's name: mia    /    update name: serve_it_up
on our latest adventures of money talks, we go out and find a crazy biker willing to take a kids big wheel bike off a ramp. then we head over to the madness on the beach and get some hot spring breakers to take part in some girl on girl action. finally you do not want to miss what happens when icey and the crew stop for some gelato and meet mia and her coworker. after some flirting and negotiating the girls get outa work and jump in the van for a steamy ride around town...      click here for entire movie

crazy big wheel jumpin...

hot whipp'd cream titty lick!

the ass pour   >:-p
the first internet show where every day people do fucked up shit for $$$ cold hard cash $$$
"everyone has their price!!just ask these girls!!"