Realitykings Ally Shoe Store Movie
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taste test! / starring ally / 45+ mins video
this week money talks invaded the annual avn awards in las vegas! what better place than the sin city to get money talks biggest fans to do painful & embarrassing stunts for little or no money. we tasered balls, clits, nipples, and even but holes! nadine made a bunch of guys do some gay ass shit and she even made one dude play dress up. after months of searching, we finally found a girl willing to let us put a jalapeņo up her ass, and then we got a total stranger to eat it!! you do not want to miss this weeks crazy characters not to mention nadine hosting topless from the beach!! shopping for shoes has never been so much fun for guys. we saw some shoes in this lil store on s. beach that we wanted, so we went in and took over. ally, who is a smoking hottie, was working there. she was helping us out and we could not help to notice how much she was showing off. her g string was riding high, and she was teasing all of us. i started asking some money questions, and she was giving all the right answers. i warmed her up in the back room with some loot for some tits and ass shots. i set it up for the guys to get some play, but she was going to do all them. i blind folded her and let her pick the dick. she felt all of them and pick two lucky ones. it was all fun after that for the lucky winners anyways. she was one horny shoe sells girl. ally got her two dicks a whole lot of sperm and money, and we got our shoes. download the full movie here! »
ally gets blindfolded and fucked hard in the back of this shoe store! ...
Realitykings Ally Shoe Store MovieRealitykings Ally Shoe Store Movie
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