girl'sname: leila   /   update name: jumbo twin sets
rainy days cant stop us. we are like the united states postal service. through rain...hail..sleet...snow we get the biggest baddest most bodacious ass in the world. tony lucked out because i was a bit tired but i still managed to get a blowjob while
he took full advantage and fucked leila and her friend in the hot tub. this is quite possibly the single greatest shoot we have
ever done....   and trust me!  you'll thank me after u see the movies!  mmmmmmmmmmmm i want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these brazilian babes are smoking hot!!! see what mike has in store for them!
"a little fun in the sun then things get really hardcore"

is it true that brazilians do it better?? see for yourself..
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